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A duplex or dual guide worm is a worm gear established in which the 2 flanks are created with somewhat different modules and diameter quotients. As a end result, diverse lead angles on both tooth profiles are obtained so that the tooth thickness repeatedly increases all above the worm size whilst the hole amongst 2 threads decreases. This permits handle of backlash.

At the worm wheel, the diverse modules outcome in different addendum modification coefficients and rolling circle diameters at the two flanks. Because of this, the profiles are other at the entrance and the rear facet. The thickness of each tooth and the tooth gaps stay continual at the wheel’s circumference.

Backlash adjustment is manufactured by shifting the worm axially so that the segment of the worm with the essential tooth thickness will be in speak to with the wheel, offering the wanted backlash (fig. 1).

This way, backlash can be simply altered to any preferred benefit when mounting the gear. Even worn gears can be readjusted delicately and continually with out modifying the tooth make contact with or producing meshing interference.

Besides the previously mentioned-described duplex technique, there are numerous opportunities to modify the backlash of worm gears:

  • variation of middle length by rotating an eccentric hub, in which the worm shaft and the worm gear wheel are cradled
  • axial shifting of a conical worm (fig. 2a)
  • division of the worm in 2 halves (fig. 2b), to be rotated or shifted relative to each and every other. (program Ott)
  • division of the wheel in 2 disks (fig. 2c), to be turned close to every single other.   Fig.two


Even so, all these methods demonstrate substantial negatives:

  • changes and readjustments are interfering with the geometrically correct meshing.
  • They shift the speak to profile zone and alter its sort and measurement.
  • With this, they lower the load-carrying potential and deteriorate efficiency.
  • Every adjustment triggers a incredible volume of start off-up dress in.
  • The risks of inappropriate assembly and destruction of the worm equipment established are incredible.

Duplex gearings do not generate this sort of difficulty.

They often permit geometrically exact enamel get in touch with and, outside of that, really delicate backlash adjustment. The developed get in touch with region, the load-carrying potential, and effectiveness are affected. In addition, as duplex teeth are executed as the involute gear, they are insensitive in regards to modifications of the middle length, e.g., induced by worm shaft deflections.

Position of caution throughout assembly

Duplex worm gears differs in the module in between the right and remaining tooth surface as a result, you have to adequately orient the worm and worm wheel. Please very carefully confirm the pursuing 2 facets just before continuing with assembly.

1. Verifying the orientation of the assembly
An arrow indicating the orientation of assembly is stamped on each the duplex worm and worm wheel. When assembling the worm and worm wheel, check the worm wheel of the arrow mark on the entrance this sort of that the route of the arrow mark on the worm coincides with that on the worm wheel. Need to the assembly be incorrect, the heart length “a” will turn out to be much more substantial than the typical distance, resulting in the difficulty of the team and incorrect equipment engagement. (Fig.3)

Fig.3 Arrow mark suggests the proper orientation of 2 gears when assembled. As revealed, the 2 arrows need to level in the identical path.

two. Verifying the reference placement
A V-groove (sixty ゜, .3 mm deep line) on the suggestion peripheral of the duplex worm tooth marks the reference tooth. The equipment established is specified to have a backlash of practically zero ( ± .045) when the reference tooth is positioned in alignment with the centre of rotation of the worm wheel with the center distance established at the price “a.” (Fig.4)



Duplex worms are largely used exactly where any backlash is undesired or can be hazardous, to keep recurring high precision positioning in each instructions, to avoid impulse loaded hurt, and when the make contact with flanks are alternating. Typical applications include rotary and tilting tables, milling equipment, and presses.

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